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These British booksellers, experts in prophecy, have seen something unexpected
Not only specialists in economics and business bookstores. Now, since March 2009, a London online bookstore specialized in futurology and numerology offers the three Spanish books you see on this site. This English library "Fate and Fortune” provides its clients with books that are an oracle and go beyond astrology, tarot or the Ouija.
Books in Spanish for the Queen Elizabeth 2
The guests of the historic transatlantic Queen Elizabeth 2 ", now the most famous floating hotel's in the world, may enjoy the books that appear on this website
Queen Elizabeth 2
Now in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates
Swanning Love Couplets
The great poet of Venezuela, Andrés Eloy Blanco, is translated into English so that can be increasingly known in the Internet world. Here you have access to the original poem in Spanish, and its link to the page, where also you will find the English version of "The White Cow" by the same author
Send your friends an email to refer them to this website, so that they know some poems of the great poet of Venezuela¡¡¡
This WEB SITE is, first of all, a personal page to offer a contribution to the people. Contribution expressed in terms of matters that I have known and taught in professional education. About planning, it brings the concept of universal efficiency in order to honor those who work, at one place or moving among many, alone or in groups, and are poorly tested or evaluated, worst if they have to evaluate others. On the international economics, the notion of autodumping, in order to pave the way for understanding, through more human means, the consequences of unfair practices in international trade. And on second languages, I am offering English translations of two poems of Andres Eloy Blanco. In addition, for those who enjoy reading, this page gives the most comprehensive book searchers.
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1. Publications
1.1 Books
International Seekers of Authors and their Works
If you are researching to do homework, and do not find the books you need, or just want to know or enjoy some reading, here are the tools to search for authors and their works. The best way to find a book is using either the ISBN or the ISBN Bookland EAN (*), but also you can seek using the title or the author. To practice, start by venezuelan writers and other Spanish-speaking or of any other language or country and see how libraries are provided throughout the world. To do this you have at your disposal the first 3 links. But if you want to know the contents of a book in particular, use the Google search engine books. Next you have some of the most important links:
If you place the name of an author, or any of their works, here you can find where to buy them. "Search 13.500 booksellers selling 110 million books"
In this link you will find a book searcher, where you can place the name of one author or one of his works, and it will show where you can buy them. This search engine is designed only for buyers in order to ensure objectivity
All Book Stores
AllBookstores.com does not sell books, only compare prices, and then provides the links necessary to choose the one you agree among several bidders
Book Finder
Compare prices on over 150 million books for sale new, used, rare, out of print and international textbooks
Find your favorite works in over one hundred libraries. Compare Book Prices at 130 Stores!
This browser has the motto "Passion for books" and is the Spanish version of Abebooks. Here you can search among more than 110 million books from 13,500 bookstores
Google Buscador de Libros
Due to be a specialized search engine, it is advisable to place the name, with an appropriate punctuation, of the work for which you want to know a bit more content. The same should be observed regard to names and surnames of each author
(*) What is an ISBN?
ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
Publicactions 2008
Autodúmping y Las Ocho Jinetas ©
Autodumping and dumping in the International Economy
ISBN-10: 0557006120
ISBN-EAN: 9780557006120
UNFAIR FOREIGN TRADE PRACTICES. Even though the online publication is produced in May 2008, "Autodumping And The Eight Rapiers" (Autodumping y Las Ocho Jinetas” was began to write in mid-1994. Was interrupted for 12 years, and was taken in 2007 when return the Muses that PET had kidnapped. But during all these years does not change the conclusion, because "... With only allow fuel prices get to international levels, not only would hinder extraction smuggling and corruption at borders, but will get the needed resources to provide underdeveloped oil producing countries with roads and rails, supported by other more economical energy sources, designed to get cheaper prices in public transport and goods, even left enough resources for public health, education and social security. Subways, buses and deluxe double-decker trolleys, all them with air conditioning, super highways and first quality city streets, will be paved, forming a network with national and continental rail systems that would be used by all citizens without exception, and would be financed by the price differential that for several decades have been pulled out from the working classes for political campaigning on behalf of themselves, but ultimately against them ... "
Featured Sites of A&8J
Amazon.com launches its online distribution
The online sales giant already had this book in stock by the end of October 2008. Likewise their peers Germany, Canada, France, Japan and United Kingdom. Beginning December 2008 Amazon grants it a "click to look inside"
Global-Investor, the home of finance books on the web. Publisher: Barclays Capital Service, a branch of Barclays Bank
Publications 2007
Planificación Eficiente y Tangible PET ©
Evaluate Everything with Universal Management Indicators
ISBN-10: 1430327189
ISBN-EAN: 9781430327189
Dewey Decimal Number: 650
UNIVERSAL EFFICIENCY. Learn to evaluate the management of individuals, enterprises, governments, churches, sports teams or any other group through a universal concept of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. It's like using a scale of 1 to 20 to assess any subject at any University. Although there have been many definitions of efficiency and effectiveness for each specialty, this article proposes one for all, using the elements common to all activities of human endeavor. In private companies, may be used as an additional indicator to the Dow Jones or Nasdac. In the public sector will be the best ally of the controller in the hands of the people. The mayors, ministers and governors would be required to be efficient, because they will be measured in concrete terms. The people will read in the newspapers the table of indicators of efficiency of its government. The best part of this method is that will not come into conflict with the existing methods of planning and evaluation indicators for management. (Balanced Scorercard, Command Panel, Stratego, etc.) Rather, it will nurse from them.
PET highlights
En "Amazon.co.uk" es relevante
At the first places in more than 700 titles on planning.
Barnes & Noble
Already in December 2008 the stocks were sold out. Now back to leads in planning
En EEUU a través de Harvard Book Sellers
Within the first 10 pages about planning in a total of 337 of 10 titles each one
In Japan through Kinokuniya.co.jp
First place in planning
In Czech Republic by Bookfayre.cz
First Place in Planning
In South Africa through Loot.co.za
First place in planning
Tax Payments
PET included at the end of July 2008. This is the place to find everything about Taxes: books and software.
Cantos A Sirenas ©
It will spread the seeds of a Far Sorcerer
ISBN-10: 1435703685
ISBN-EAN: 9781435703681
Dewey Decimal Number: Pending
This is an essay I did when I was 24 years; I had proposed to merge several genres to protest, in a disguised manner, a social, economic and politically unsustainable circumstance in Venezuela of 80. This situation would create more serious realities in the 90s, to finally lead to political change that now is living the country, when gets in the twenty-first century. 23 years later, the country's circumstances are perceived so dissimilar, whereas in this new trial, decided to append a "Historical Context", but also I resolve to share and publish it on the Internet, both to understand myself from this distance and to share with the reader "The Magical Prophecy" which is one of the main characters of the work. They are the souls, the men without soul and the sorcerer, who will meet in an amphitheater, where they will present their stories, which are the product of their internal searches on the calamity they shared. The Sorcerer speaks in parables and develops a theory about the contents of the container and by treating them as the solid and fluid, respectively. His speech is intended to awaken consciences.
CAS Featured Sites
For "Amazon.com" has relevance throughout the world
In the first 200 locations in more than 3,800 titles on sirens. From nearly 400 pages, is at the top 20 titles
Barnes & Noble
Already in December 2008 the stocks were sold out. Now back to the top among the sirens
Best Seller en Books-A-Million.com
From 8 titles on sirens, CAS ranks No. 3 at this american shopping chain
Other search engines including A&8J, CAS and PET
Specialized searcher in the nordic countries
This searcher shows some libraries where the books are distributed in Denmark
Widely used search engine for books, records and films in Germany and Austria. Eine Bestellung ist nur für Kunden mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland möglich
Since early May 2008
Thanks to "Buy.com" these books join "eBay" in May 2008. "eBay" is known throughout Latin America as "mercadolibre.com. Also available in "Half.ebay.com, Shop.com and Shopping.com. In June 2008 joined "Prime Media King"
This firm is offering the three titles as a textbook for teachers and students in Canada and the United Kingdom
Some websites offering this book
Google Book Search
Partial preview of this book
Google Product Search
Different offers of PET. Try yourself with CAS
MSN Shopping from Microsoft
Since April 2008
Since early August 2008. 14 million shoppers come for great prices. Pronto.com is an operating business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), which operates Ask.com, Citysearch, Evite, Match.com, Bloglines, Zwinky, Excite and more
Desde abril 2008
UPC Database.com
Linux database. UPC Database Bookland ISBN/ISSN
Known Distributors of A&8J, CAS and PET
The author of this site wishes to thank, not only the official publisher of his books, "Lulu Publishers Inc., but also to the international database of books, Google Book Search", "Google Product Search" and distribution chains "Amazon.com", "Amazon.de (Germany)", "Amazon.fr (France)", "Amazon.co.jp (Japan)" and other countries,"Barnes & Noble", "Alibris UK", "Biblio.com", "Booksamillion.com", "Buy.com", "Hot Book Sale", "Eruditor.com", "WHSmith.co.uk", "Blackwell Bookshop UK", "Bogpriser.dk" "Harvard Books Sellers", "Powell's Books", "Target.com", "Tesco Entertainment UK","TSO Online Book Shop","Van Stockum.nl" and "Paradoxal Press", among others, for have included "Cantos A Sirenas" and "Planning Efficient and Tangible PET" in its sales catalogs from January 2008. According to the information from "Alibris UK" it will have to give special thanks to "Mellon's Books, "Quartermellon Books", "Best Half Price", "Paperback Shop" and "Books Express" among others, for be the first stores to have displayed in their shelves these Spanishbooks in English-speaking countries, even before Spanish-speaking countries.
Germany and Austria
Available in Germany, where born Goethe, Schiller, Mann and Hesse, but also Marx, but especially Guttemberg and Einstein. In Austria will bear Kafka, Zweig, and Helinek Handke, but also Mozart and Freud
Willkommen bei bol.de!
Ending October 2008. Oktober 2008. Willkommen. Bei Bookya können Studierende lokal, direkt an der Uni, Bücher untereinander kaufen/verkaufen sowie neue Bücher portofrei bestellen
Wir feiern jubilüum!
Alles Versandkostenfrei
Einfach online einkaufen
Bestellungen über Elimbo nur für Versandziele in Deutschland
We deliver in more than 200 countries, with the best terms of delivery. You can choose another currency for payment, as shown in the detail sheet for each product
Libri.de Bücher GmbH
Another distributor for Germany and Austria
Willkommen bei Neubuch24 - Ihrem Internet- Buchhändler
Australia, New Zealand and Tazmania
Ending November 2008. "In association with Amazon.com"
Ending September 2008. "Our wish is to spread inspiration, love, joy and peace to everyone who visits our web pages". According to Aristotle, Holism means that "The whole is more than the sum of its parts"
Titles spent in Australia
Titles out of print. Now also in the largest chain of bookstores in New Zealand, the country of the devil. Country of Tuwhare, Turner, Adcock and Sinclair
It is a mail order bookshop helping Australians access a wide range of largely overseas-published books at affordable prices
The Nile.au
Since June 2008
The Nile.nz
Since June 2008
Since February 2008
Available in Canada, located in their 2 languages, home of Atwood, Montgomery, and Ralston Hébert
Author Tree
Since September 2008. Growing Great Books
Also in this chain of bookstores that helps build 7 community libraries in South America
Scandinavia and Baltics
Akademisk Boghandel.dk
Denmark, the land of the Lego toys and The Little Mermaid. Holberg, Andersen, Kierkegaard and Grundtvig come from these latitudes. Here you can search for books by Author (Forfatter), Título (Fritekst) o ISBN
Sweden. Bokia Internethandel AB
At the end of September 2008 this Norway mega-chain with 10 years of operations decided to distribute this books
Finishing come to Finland in April 2008, the country of Nokia, Linux, and Rudolph the reindeer. Earth of Waltari, Linna, Agricola and Lönnrot
Bokus Bok Handel
One of the largest distributors in Sweden, where were born the creator of the Nobel Prize and the ABBA group. Also are from here Strindberg, Johnson, Heidenstam and Karlfeldt
Norway, the oil country with the world per capita income, distributed since the second half of April 2008. Are from here Bjørnson, Ibsen, Christensen and Ullmann
The online booksellers chain most prestigious in Denmark
Internet Bokhandeln.se
One of the most prestigious libraries in Sweden
Krisostomus Raamatud Tellimine
Also in Estonia, a country of 45 thousand square kilometers and 1.5 million inhabitants, a member of the European Union
Penelope Bokhandel.no
Put the author's name where it says "Søk". Penelope Bokhandel, Pb 7002 St Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo
Samfunds Litteratur.dk
Slovakia and Czech Republic
In Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia are received by the Czech elite public who reads Spanish in late June 2008. The land of Seifert, Capek, Hrabal, Neruda, Kundera and Havel
Spain is the country of Cervantes, Calderón de la Barca, Tirso de Molina, Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, Antonio Machado, José Ortega y Gasset, Federíco García Lorca, Gustavo Adolfo Becker, Benito Pérez Galdos and Jacinto Benavente. Founded in 1999, PicassoMio is considered the most visited destination to discover and buy contemporary art and design
United States
In the giant world online distribution
Barnes & Noble
In the greater chain bookstores in the USA, the nation of Heminghway, Melville, Whitman and Sawyer. Also of Taylor, Samuelson and Friedman. But as well of Franklin, Edison and Tesla
A1 Books
Disponibles en una de las más grandes vendedoras de los EEUU
Abunga.com is a safe online shopping environment that our FAN affiliates and their member families can trust
100 new copies in stock". Some customers tell us we're the best bookstore on the Web, but we're not the only one. We show you other bookstores' prices so you know you're getting a fair price. Amazon sells this book for $26.50 including shipping. Usually ships in 24 hours.
BiggerBooks is owned by A Book Company, LLC which was formed in May of 2001 to merchandise quality new and used books on the Internet. Since it's inception in 2001, A Book Company, LLC has sold over 20 million dollars worth of products through multiple websites
All your shopping needs under one roof. Big Mama's Mega Mall
Borders beta
This Group operates over 509 superstores in the US, 32 in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Puerto Rico, and approximately 485 stores in the Waldenbooks Specialty Retail segment, including Express, Airport Stores and Borders Outlet
Fast, honest, and reliable service. That’s our Bookbyte family motto. Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your business. And if you are ever in the Salem, Oregon area, please stop by and visit our facilities. Maybe while you are here I can talk you into a game of Ping Pong!
The third largest book retailer in the nation and also sells on the Internet. The Company presently operates more than 200 stores in 19 states and the District of Columbia
San Francisco's leading independent bookstore. We feature the Bay Area's most exciting author events program
Books Inc.
Pleased to introduce Wordplay, writing classes taught by authors with experience and are published in their area of expertise
Books & Books
Book Stores in Cayman Islands, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Bal Harbour
"The Internet Superstore with more than 10 million customers"
CampusBooks.com was founded in 1998 and is the leading textbook comparison shopping Web site, serving hundreds of thousands of students each year. Our goal is to make buying textbooks easy and affordable with the lowest price on new and used textbooks and friendly service
Compras Top
First online department store that offers this books in Spanish. The event ocurred at Miami beginning July 2008
eCampus.com has been designed to be the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to buy textbooks, medical books, reference books, bestsellers and apparel for American colleges and universities
I created this website to share my journey into consciousness with you. I believe that journaling is a great way of expressing thoughts and formulating ideas–this website is my forum for journaling. I want to share the insights and teachings that I come across in hopes that you can also come in contact with the bliss that exists always within your grasp
Harvard Books Seller
We work with 40 Preferred Vendors/Suppliers throughout the United States, providing you with some of their books, textbooks, DVD, games, electronics, software, tools, software and etc. More than likely, at least one of these stores is in your very own community
Harvard Book Store
Our expanded bookstore is a Harvard Square landmark and a destination for visitors from all over the world. As one of the few bookstores in the nation with an academic emphasis, we feature authoritative sections in philosophy, fiction, cultural and critical theory. 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
Kepler's Bookstore
Our members tell us how much they value their membership. Sure, they enjoy the benefits of membership, but even more, they love taking an active role in the growing and evolving cultural community of Kepler’s
The world’s largest nonprofit bookstore
Learn about American Colleges nationwide
You want to know when your favorite artists, author, film talent and games are available or when there are related events going on—we will get that news to you, at your convenience, and in a timely way.
OneStop Procurement Services, Inc.
Since March 2009. We are an ethical, competent team with the experience and skills to provide you with Best in Class services. The OneStop Procurement Services leadership team consists of executive level managers with extensive experience in the procurement services industry whose objectives include driving OneStop Procurement Services toward success and toward their vision to offer clients with exceptional value
Oscar Silva Publicaciones
Author's online bookstore sponsored by Lulu.com
Powell's Books
Operates five Portland, Oregon stores and one in nearby Beaverton. Also five warehouses at Quimby, Montgomery, Catacombs, and Chalmers
Hardware Items for the Engineer, Scientist, Experimenter, Inventor, Homebrew Energy Harvester, Meteorologist, Prospector, Photographer, Navigator, Radioman, Carpenter, Plumber, Farmer.
St. Mark's Bookshop
An Independent Bookstore located in New York City's Historic Lower East Side. 31 Third Avenue, NY 10003
Student Doctor Network SDN
Since April 2008, "SDN Bookstore, the bookstore of the Non-profit American Organization, has decided to include us. More information at http://www.studentdoctor.net/
Student Shopper
At StudentShopper.com, you save time and money on your textbooks. Our unique book search tool allows you to find all of your textbooks at once. No more wasting time searching for each book separately. Plus, once you have selected your books, you can buy them all using a single cart. Now that’s smart!
Discover one of America's more admired companies with more than 1,500 stores around US. In addition to our US retail operations and our office in India, Target has offices in more than 40 countries. Target quiere decir "Objetivo de dar en el blanco"
Tattered Cover Book Store
Bringing books & people together for over 30 years
The Reading Warehouse
This chain of bookstores, founded by former educators and professionals in books has kept an allegiance of many years by schools in 15 U.S. States
Tower Books
The same people from the Tower Records has the books in stock since mid-March 2008
UrbanThink Bookstore
For Spanish-speaking readers. 625 East Central Blvd. Orlando, FL 32801
Adams Spanish Inmersion School
Available in France, home of Balzac, Victor Hugo, and Sartre Sthendal
Greece and Cyprus
Greece, birthplace of Homer, Plato, Socrates and Kavafis, receives the books at the end of March, in Easter 2008
Van Stockum. nl
Also in the Netherlands and its overseas colonies
The Indian giant starts to offer them at the beginning of July 2008
Another Indian Megastore offers the books since December 2008. The biggest online bookstore of India
Com.Books Ltd.il
Israel also read in Spanish. They begin online distribution ending in October 2008
Another Italian bookshop that offers the books
Beginning April 2008 the two publications reach Italy, the land of Virgil, Dante, and Machiavel Barbieri. ¡Benvenuti!
In Italy people read in Spanish
Japan and Southeast Asia
Available in Japan, where the world saw the birth of Yasunari, Yoshimura, Natsume and Monzaemon
Kinokuniya Book Web
This chain distributes publications in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, the West Coast of United States and New York
Since April 2008 now available in Korea and Hong Kong. Although they speak Korean and Chinese, there are people who read in Spanish.
United Kingdom: England, Scotland & Ireland
Available in the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom, a nation of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Defoe and Austen, but also of Smith, Ricardo and Keynes
ISBN 9781430327189 If you place where they ask, you'll see that stocks were sold out
Blackwell Bookshop.uk
At "The knowledge Retailer" from United Kingdom
Book Brain.co.uk
The smartest way to buy books on the web
Book Fellas
One of the largest bookstores in the United Kingdom
28 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT138DX
With the permission of Saint Patrick, Ireland received the books on the eve of Mother's Day, in early May 2008. Wilde, Shaw, Swift and Joyce were born on this land
Browns Books.co.uk
UK wholesalers
Computer Manuals
Both books in a bookstore specializing in computer manuals of England
We are mail order specialist booksellers for Open University students. Eddington Hook is part of the Combined Book Services group and is the sole UK and European distributor for Hospitality Press Books from Australia
"If what you want is an English book, this is the best place"
Fate & Fortune
Is your fate written in the stars, or is your fortune in the palm of you hand? Our online bookshop, Fate and Fortune, will help you discover just that. Crammed full of books on every aspect of fortune telling, you can delve into the unknown and find out the path of your future
One of the most important British Booksellers
Pick A Book
United Kingdom's online bookstore founded in 1998
Sprint Books.co.uk
In another of the great libraries of England
Sustainable Life
This Megastore Online is promoting sustainable solutions for a healthier world for all
Tesco Entertainment
In this chain of stores in the UK
The Book Depository
The Book Depository Ltd. Gloucester, United Kingdom
TSO Online Book Shop
As the "Voice of British Retailing", the BRC expresses the views of its members and keeps the press, parliamentarians, consumers and many other opinion formers informed about issues in the retail sector
Now part of HMV Group, Waterstone's first opened in Old Brompton Road, London, in 1982 and currently trades from more than 300 stores, on high streets and in shopping centres, and through numerous university campuses in the UK, Republic of Ireland and continental Europe (Brussels and Amsterdam) as well as on the Isle of Man, Jersey and the Isle of Wight
WHSmith is one of the UK’s leading retailers and aims to be its most popular bookseller, stationer and newsagent. We have over 500 High Street stores, over 120 stores at airports, train stations and motorway service areas and WHSmith.co.uk serves customers online 24 hours a day
Word Power Books
In mid-February, Scotland receive them by the hand of the "Booker Prize-Winner James Kelman." Come from here Scott, Stevenson, Doyle and Buchanan
The homeland of Eminescu, Ionescu and Bar bu, but also of Nadia Comaneci, the perfect 10 received the books starting September 2008
South Africa
Also in South Africa, an English speaking country and the most developed of the African continent. Here born not just Paton, Jenkins, Harwood andGordimer, but Mandela, Naki and Barnard
Take2 from JumpShopping
Since March 2009. Jump Shopping is South Africa’s leading Shopping Comparison Search Engine. This means that Jump is a website that lists and groups products from over 100 South African stores enabling consumers to search through millions of products from South African online stores
If you want to distribute the works on this site, or already you are a distributed and are not listed yet, use the mail
1.2 Softwares
Implementation of the PET Planning Method
Proveedores de Eficiencia Tangible PET ©
Download a not modifiable, free tool for assess plans, monthly goals and projects by clicking on "Preview". Find on disc seven applications in Excel, and modifiable instructions included. Six of which will automate the second-level indicators (efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, among others) based on statistics and figures of consensus, as system of accountability. Automate the other statistics, or first-level indicators (targets or sales results, and production costs, etc.) from each transaction, such as database system. You can customize each application using synonyms, adding columns, rows and formulas. Upload your own logo and can even change the language, you are the owner of the key. You will become an expert in PET planning method.
Begin to use this application for determine the efficiency in the execution of your plans, goals and projects using the scale 1-20, or the scale you prefer. Over 800 copies have been downloaded for free. Download now that it is still free
2. Another Website in English
English Home Page
Freeservers Web Hosting
Among other things, on this page are the English versions of two poems of Andres Eloy Blanco published online in July 2006. It is a small contribution to offer English readers "Swanning Love Couplets" and "The White Cow", works whose expressive force and telluric beauty converge in a mythical zone where I would not like to escape. Some of the syntax of these translations, "Coplas Del Amor Viajero" and "La Vaca Blanca," was conducted with the help of my beloved friends, Mary and Geoffrey Hugget, at their home in London in April of that year.
3. Press Releases
Efficiency for All
Efficiency is now Universal
The New Doctrine
Doctrine posed for measuring the efficiency of Government Ministers and Churches.
Although does not show where to buy PET in Venezuela, does reports of its existence
The concept was born in 1995
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Blog about Cantos A Sirenas
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Wall Chart (Cartelera)
Case of a transnational.
Web in Yahoo!
5. Recommended Websites and Blogs
Economía Total
Simple economic solutions to complicated group and social problems